Certified coach serving people in career/life transitions | Art of Choice Coaching

How Coaching works

Coaching helps transform your perspective, adaptability, and confidence from the inside-out. This means you can stop waiting for the “right time” and start intuitively listening to your inner wisdom and noticing how it is aligned with your values. Engaging a coach shows commitment to growth and that you are ready to take the next step.

I am trained to help you identify where you are right now and to help you find a path that will lead you to where you want to be. Working with me gives you a champion when life feels hard, a sounding board when making choices, a motivator when big actions are called for, unconditional support when you fall down, the wakeup call when you don’t hear or see it yourself, and most importantly, a cheerleader as you create what’s next for a life that is inspiring and wholehearted. I will never push you with guilt-driven accountability, but I will guide you toward self-awareness. To be aware of your stories, beliefs, dreams, wisdom, power, and all the choices available to you.

Just like you won’t get much out of exercising once in a while, it is not very effective to do deep work in a single session. For best results, it will be important to commit to a multi-week coaching plan*, one that helps you make lasting changes through consistent practice and support from your coach. We can talk more about what that looks like on our intro call.  We can start with a 30-minute complimentary session to establish whether this is a good fit for both of us and talk about the next steps. Sessions are conversational in nature and last 50 minutes. Due to COVID, our coaching sessions will be by phone or Zoom.

*Note: I am passionate about helping people and I understand that sometimes finances can make a difference in getting help or not.  Please feel free to ask me about my sliding scale when we get to establishing your coaching plan.