What’s Next: Navigating in a Sea of Uncertainty ~ Closed | Art of Choice Coaching
Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash
Photo by
Hannah Reding
on Unsplash

The “normal “we knew no longer exists. The world has shifted and there is no way we can return to the way things were. The choice seems to be “stuck” or “forward”. For some, it’s holing up waiting for life to feel safe and certain again. For others, the disruption has uncovered areas of life where change is the only option.

But, what next and how do I begin?

This 5-week workshop is designed to go beneath the surface of discomfort to discover new truths for yourself and ways to create meaningful changes in your life. It will help you take a deeper look into what is calling you now and to navigate what’s next.

We will explore question like:

  • What do I want?
  • What do I need to map what’s next?
  • What will bring me fulfillment?
  • What is my wholehearted wish?

This will be a virtual group that provides a safe space for you to decide What’s Next for you. We will explore uncharted territories by listening for and recognizing the sacred threshold that is calling your name, learning tools to help navigate the path and making new choice toward meaningful changes.

What’s Next: Navigating in a Sea of Uncertainty ~ Closed

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